Complete Financial
Success Program

Most employees need help with more than just their pension and retirement plans. This 12-module program takes employees step-by-step through the process of getting their financial affairs in order. This program covers all areas of personal finance from debt and cash flow management to pension, retirement and estate planning. Once completed, they will feel empowered by their finances making them happier more productive employees.

Executive Financial
Success Program

Executives tend to have different financial education needs due to their type and level of compensation. As well, privacy and confidentiality are paramount to maintain trust and respect in the workplace. Completely customized financial education programs are built to ensure all executives understand their benefits. Led by Frank Wiginton, CEO of the Employee Financial Education Division, each executive is provided with one-on-one coaching and much more….

Pension and Benefits
Success Program

This 4-module program helps employees gain context and comfort with their pensions and benefits. You can expect greater participation in the company pension plan and better use of benefits. It is also not uncommon for HR and management to see a decrease in the number of benefits inquiries accompanied by a greater appreciation of the company and its programs.

Company Restructuring
Success Program

A company restructure can create overwhelming stress and anxiety for everyone involved. Nearly all of this angst is related to concerns about the individual’s personal finances and job security. This is the time when you want to provide the best financial education possible to your employees. Completely customized financial education programs for all those impacted from the restructure of the company.

New and Changing Benefits Success Program

If you plan to add or change benefits, pensions, or compensation plans, financial education will be instrumental to its success. We will work with the benefits provider to explain the features and changes in the program, while ensuring employees understand and are able to put the changes into context for themselves. This inevitably reduces confusion, anger, resentment, and leads to greater acceptance of the new program.

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