Unbiased, Accredited & Experienced

It is important to have the right people providing your employees with financial education. The last thing you want to do is spend all the time, effort and energy to provide your employees with an education program just to have the facilitator turn it into a sales pitch for a product or not be able to answer the employees’ questions.

Education Not Information

Workplace financial education should be more than an information session, a glossy brochure or fancy tools on a website. Employees must be able to relate to and put into context the information they learn. They must be able to apply the lessons they learn to their daily life and that only comes through education. Simply handing out materials, pointing employees to a website or talking ‘at’ them will not get the message across or change behavior.financial education

Employees need to be taught by qualified educators and shown how to use tools and resources in the proper context in order to learn how to get their own finances in order. If not, money-related problems will persist.

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To ensure the integrity and quality of your financial education program, providing a facilitator that has no affiliation with a product can go a long way to making a program successful and trustworthy.

Unbias Employee Financial Education

Believe it is important to have an unbiased financial educator 


Financial Education – It’s ALL we do! It’s not just our slogan – it’s our business. We are only compensated by you to educate – not inform – your employees about personal finances.


To avoid problems and potential issues around misinformation, you want to be sure your facilitator is accredited with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation and at least two other designations. This will give greater credibility to the program and confidence to the employees.


 Believe it is important to have an accredited financial educator 


Our facilitators are all accredited and the programs are created by our CEO, Frank Wiginton, who has six personal finance designations including two Fellowships.


Many people can give information – only a few can teach! Our facilitators are experienced in teaching adults personal finance concepts. This combined with real financial planning experience gives our facilitators the ability to answer virtually all questions that arise. This gives a much higher level of credibility and ensures your employees are successful in their learning.


Believe it is important to have an experienced financial educator 


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